Are Lower Courts Working Effectively?

As of December 2012, there are at least 27.6 million pending cases in subordinate courts across the country, which is a huge number. The Parliamentary Standing Committee presented its report on strengthening of Subordinate Courts. It included quite appreciable points which if implemented can reduce the number of pending cases.

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  • Computerization of courts: It was emphasized that all the cases in the courts must be computerized within the time limit. It is considered as a necessary step towards a better judicial set up of e-courts.
  • Fast Track Courts: Establishment of fast track courts has become important across the country. Some cases are required to be judged in minimum time period.
  • Staff Shortage: It was noticed that the number of pending cases is large due to shortage of staff in the subordinate courts. Hiring of staff can reduce the problem of pending cases to a large extent.
  • All India Judicial Service: Set up of All India Judicial Service must be completed soon to increase the quality of judges in the country.

Almost all the law firms in India, I guess will be in favor of the points presented in the report. These points, if implemented will definitely reduce the number of pending cases in India.