Are Lower Courts Working Effectively?

As of December 2012, there are at least 27.6 million pending cases in subordinate courts across the country, which is a huge number. The Parliamentary Standing Committee presented its report on strengthening of Subordinate Courts. It included quite appreciable points which if implemented can reduce the number of pending cases.

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  • Computerization of courts: It was emphasized that all the cases in the courts must be computerized within the time limit. It is considered as a necessary step towards a better judicial set up of e-courts.
  • Fast Track Courts: Establishment of fast track courts has become important across the country. Some cases are required to be judged in minimum time period.
  • Staff Shortage: It was noticed that the number of pending cases is large due to shortage of staff in the subordinate courts. Hiring of staff can reduce the problem of pending cases to a large extent.
  • All India Judicial Service: Set up of All India Judicial Service must be completed soon to increase the quality of judges in the country.

Almost all the law firms in India, I guess will be in favor of the points presented in the report. These points, if implemented will definitely reduce the number of pending cases in India.


Characteristics of a Perfect Legal Adviser

There are numerous legal advisers available in a city. It depends on your requirement and selection that how professional and perfect adviser can be selected for your case. A perfect legal adviser can be recognized if he possesses certain specific characteristics.


Here, we will discuss some of these characteristics which should be in a legal adviser.

A legal adviser must not disclose any confidential information from the client to a third party without his information or any valid reason. The identities of the clients should not be revealed to a third party.

Healthy Communication
A good lawyer must encourage healthy communication with the client so that he does not hesitate in revealing secrets of the case. This will allow lawyers to make a careful evaluation of the facts, and enable them to formulate good strategies to solve the problem.

He must be honest about the complexity of the case and should not keep the client in darkness. Regarding cost, the estimated cost must be intimated to the client so that the client can get the time to negotiate or arrange the funds.

Regular Updates
A lawyer must update his client after a specific time period. It will increase the faith of the client. Every minor update should be told to the client.

How to Choose a Law Firm in India?

It is always said that legal matters should be handled with great sensibility and patience. Carelessness can prove harmful for the matter. Therefore, it is essential to hire a good law firm in India which can handle your matter efficiently.


Here are a few points which you should consider before choosing a law firm:

The law firm you are choosing must be reliable. In legal matters, you need to be discussing confidential information with the firm, the firm must be able to solve all your queries related to the firm. Moreover, the firm must be able to answer all your problems related to your case.

Previous Record
Check previous records of the firm to know the history of the firm. Make sure that the client has handled the case like your case before and it has won it. It will give you confidence and you will completely trust the firm.

Unless you are contented interrelating with the lawyer from the particular firm, you won’t be able to team up successfully and win your case or overcome legal obstructions. Make sure that the firm’s working style matches your working style and values, to build a successful relationship.

Considering these few points you can easily choose the best law firm in the country and will surely be able to win the case.